Christmas in Candyland and Springdale on Ice Field Trip Information:

Field trips are available from Dec. 4-8 - Dec. 11-15 - and Dec. 18-20 from 9 AM - 3 PM of 2017

Field trips to Christmas in Candyland and Springdale on Ice are sure to be a favorite among kids of all ages.  Here are some things you can expect:

Christmas in Candyland Package
Located at Andalusia Court Square in front of the Covington County Court House

  • Candyland Cottages are child-sized, imaginative play cottages built especially for the children and include themes such as a bank, an engineering office, an airplane, a church, veterinarian’s office and a school to name a few.  Enjoy 1 hour of open play time.
  • Snow Show – The Snow Show lasts 20 minutes and is a snow experience the kids will not soon forget.  The falling snow (tiny bubble clusters shaped like snowflakes) will fill the square and give the illusion of a blizzard, without the sub-zero temperatures, runny noses, and wet clothes. 

Springdale on Ice Package
Springdale is located at 505 East Three Notch Street in Andalusia (about ½ mile from Court Square). 

  • Winter Skating Experience – Skates are available in a variety of sizes ranging from a 12T to an adult 13.  25-30 participants at a time are allowed on the rink.  Skate times vary based on the number in your group and how long you plan on staying. Please have each student submit a signed release that plans to skate. 
  • Train Rides – enjoy a trip around a festive trail and through a tunnel on a beautiful replica of a classic steam locomotive.  Complete with an Engine, 4 wagons and an ADA accessible caboose, the train holds 25-30 passengers each trip.  The train will not leave the Springdale property.
  • Candyland Cottages – Find another entire village of imaginative playhouses at Springdale including a Train Depot, Doc McStuffin’s House, a Gingerbread House, and a Grocery Store to name a few. 
  • Snow Tubing Hill – The Polar Bear Tubing Hill boasts two 150 ft. lanes for racing snow tubes.  Children will need to be able to roll or carry the tube up a hill or have assistance provided. Please have students submit a signed release to participate.


If you are interested in bringing your group, please download the form or send us a message if you need more information.