Christmas in Candyland and Springdale on Ice Field Trip Information:

Field trips are available from Dec. 5-9 and Dec. 12-16 from 9 AM - 3 PM of 2016

Field trips to Christmas in Candyland and Springdale on Ice are sure to be a favorite among kids of all ages.  Here are some things you can expect:

Christmas in Candyland Package
Located at Andalusia Court Square in front of the Covington County Court House

  • Candyland Cottages are child-sized, imaginative play cottages built especially for the children and include themes such as a bank, an engineering office, an airplane, a church, veterinarian’s office and a school to name a few.  Enjoy 1 hour of open play time.
  • Snow Show – The Snow Show lasts 20 minutes and is a snow experience the kids will not soon forget.  The falling snow (tiny bubble clusters shaped like snowflakes) will fill the square and give the illusion of a blizzard, without the sub-zero temperatures, runny noses, and wet clothes. 

Springdale on Ice Package
Springdale is located at 505 East Three Notch Street in Andalusia (about ½ mile from Court Square). 

  • Winter Skating Experience – Skates are available in a variety of sizes ranging from a 12T to an adult 13.  25-30 participants at a time are allowed on the rink.  Skate times vary based on the number in your group and how long you plan on staying. Please have each student submit a signed release that plans to skate. 
  • Train Rides – enjoy a trip around a festive trail and through a tunnel on a beautiful replica of a classic steam locomotive.  Complete with an Engine, 4 wagons and an ADA accessible caboose, the train holds 25-30 passengers each trip.  The train will not leave the Springdale property.
  • Candyland Cottages – Find another entire village of imaginative playhouses at Springdale including a Train Depot, Doc McStuffin’s House, a Gingerbread House, and a Grocery Store to name a few. 
  • Snow Tubing Hill – New to Candyland this year, the Polar Bear Tubing Hill boasts two 100 ft. lanes for racing snow tubes.  Children will need to be able to roll or carry the tube up a hill or have assistance provided. Please have students submit a signed release to participate.


If you are interested in bringing your group, please download the form or send us a message if you need more information.